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No. 24


Editor's Note

On Time


Art in a Tick-Tock World
David Wang
"At the moment when art is experienced, time comes to a standstill," writes the author. In this essay, David Wang examines the ways in which art--whether a Renaissance masterpiece or even a bit of Bach hummed to oneself--stems the tide of time.

On Not Inviting Jesus into My Heart
Susan Bruxvoort Lipscomb
"Growing up among Calvinist immigrants and attending a Lutheran elementary school," writes the author, "no one had pressed upon me the idea of inviting the person of Christ to occupy the space within my cardiac muscle." This essay explores the history and present usage of this popular metaphor with reference to scripture, the Christian tradition, and popular art.


Cathedral Reality: What is "Christian" Creative Writing?
Abram Van Engen
Bookstores today are either "Christian" or "secular," and many writers would rather burn their work than sell it in a store labeled "Christian," states the author. He challenges this dichotomy and proposes that both ideology and imagination can coexist in a "cathedral reality."

The Mars Hill Interview

An Aesthetic of Elegance
A Conversation with Brian Greene
David Vanderveen
"Every time we lift the veil obscuring the true nature of the world, it feels wonderful. . . . And the closer we get to the universe, the better we understand it . . . and to me that's where the hope comes from," says author and physicist Brian Greene. In this interview, Greene discusses the aesthetic of elegance that drives his research and the ways in which string theory affects our understanding of space, time, and reality.

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


The Chapter of Faults
Felicia Swanson

Everything Valuable and Portable
Michael Hyde


Bonnie Hale

How Long Have You Been Married?
Marlene Muller


Mother's Angel
Mark Jarman

And the Greatest of These
Laura Van Prooyen

I Launch into the River of Sun
Susan St. Martin

Driving North 1981
Jane Hoogestraat

Holy Land Sabbatical
Kathryn Kingsbury

The Hand of God
Emily Warn

The Church of Lovelessness
John E. Smelcer

Bach's Pentecostal Fugue for Electric Organ, Choir, and Tambourine
David Wright

Views and Reviews


The Quiet Rise of the Film Soundtrack
Louis R. Carlozo

Reunited and It Feels So Good (Well, Most of the Time):
Forgiveness and Reconciliation Revealed in VH1's Bands Reunited
Dave Urbanski


Counting the Days, Counting the Cost
Andy Whitman



Screwtape on The DaVinci Code
Eric Metaxas


Dylan's Visions of Sin, Christopher Ricks
Bill McGarvey

Tangled Up in the Bible, Michael J. Gilmour
Bill McGarvey



Buying Time: In America, 21 Grams, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Craig Detweiler

Calling the Past to Account:
The Redemptive Cinema of Steven Soderbergh
Jeff Davenport


24 : Attention-Deficit Television
Andrew Tinker

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