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No. 21


Editor's Note

Body and Soul


God in the Cape
Superman as Modern Mythic Savior
Gary D. Robinson
In this essay the author explores the history of the comic-book hero in his various incarnations and finds some striking similarities between the Man of Steel and the Man of Sorrows.

Lure of the Flesh, Evasion of Flesh and Blood
Discovering the Way of Virtue
Eric Miller
"Could it be," asks the author, "that who we are, at the most elemental level, is sons and daughters," and that our failure to live out our familial roles defines our corruption? Here, Eric Miller urges a return to an ethic of caretaking.

Wax to Burn
Gregory F. Tague
A father's radical cancer surgery; a sister's painful delivery by cesarean; an interminable adoption proceeding: Gregory F. Tague examines suffering in both body and spirit, and ultimately finds that faith nourishes courage and hope.


Faith, Hope, and Poetry
Malcolm Guite
"To read a good poem well is to have ones vision restored," states the author of this study. Here, he explains how an encounter with a good poem allows a reader to discover overlooked truths and restores a balance our age has lost.

Jesus Aesthetically Considered
Signatures of Art in Seven Miracles
David Wang
The incarnation was a watershed in aesthetic history, argues David Wang. Seven miracles from John's gospel illustrate this idea, and also yield principles about the meaning and importance of art.

The Mars Hill Interview

Girl Meets God
A Conversation with Lauren Winner
Bill McGarvey
Author and academic Lauren Winner discusses her new book, Girl Meets God, which chronicles her spiritual journey from the Judaism of her childhood into Orthodox Judaism and her subsequent conversion to Christianity. Additionally, she holds forth on the usefulness of spiritual memoirs versus apologetics, notions of Christian and Jewish community, and chastity for Generations X and Y.

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Marlene Adelstein


Dominus Vobiscum
Karen J. Hammer


The Righteous Man of Gomorrah
Scott Cairns

After the Fury and the Silence
Stephen B. Katz

Lorna Knowles Blake

The Hours
Marlene Muller

Water Testimonial
Virgil Suàrez

A. D. Folkertsma

Debra Rienstra

At Medjugorje
Mark Saba

Canon C.26.1
Malcolm Guite

Views and Reviews


The Carter Family:
Following the Valley Road to the Cradle of American Music
David W. Johnson


State of Grace, Pierce Pettis
D. S. Martin

Ralph Stanley, Ralph Stanley
D. S. Martin

Nude on the Moon: the Anthology, B-52's
David W. Johnson

Alice and Blood Money, Tom Waits
Dave Urbanski

Music Also Reviewed
James A. Sparrell, Dave Urbanski



Philip Pullman's Attack on Narnia:
A Defense
Michael Ward


Peace Like A River, Leif Enger
Kell A. Peterson

Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser
Steryl Jones

The Supper of the Lamb, Robert Farrar Capon
Steryl Jones

Dante to Dead Man Walking: One Reader's Journey
through the Christian Classics,
Raymond A. Schroth, S.J.
J. Greg Phelan

Books Also Reviewed
Bill McGarvey, Lauren Winner



Craig Detweiler

Love Liza
Darin Strauss

8 Mile
Dave Urbanski

The Editors

Mars Hill Contributors